Hi Kylie The carpet was a shade of gray as well. Not sure if I should put collonade in the livingroom with the tan couch or the accessible beige. My house right now is SW Functional Gray and I feel as though it is a bit to “heavy” for my bedroom! Do you have an opinion on undertones for this color? Repose Gray is around the door, not on the recessed wall to the left, Read more: Paint Colour Review: All About Sherwin Williams Repose Gray. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/. I am wanting to paint our open concept living room /kitchen that doesn’t have much natural light and I don’t want it to be to dark! Jan 21, 2018 - Explore Janean's board "Sherwin williams perfect greige" on Pinterest. It has a lovely muddy look that would be that bit warmer in a southern room but a bit more greige looking in north. No more sample pints in you or your clients garage and in the landfill. I would love your advice and suggestions. We went with Collonade Gray, and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT for our great room. (Just joking.) Kylie, Dorian Gray is a beautiful choice for any reasonably well-lit room. My question is- in an open layout Thank you so much for your thorough reviews of these gray colors! Because your bedroom is lower light, you might want to stick lean toward a colour like Mindful Gray which is a bit more fresh feeling as Revere Pewter can feel a touch heavy/muddy in a low light room. I find that in north facing spaces it can be HARD to get grays to NOT pick up a touch of purple and some people are more sensitive to it than others. I was terrified of making another gray mistake. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray, SW 7015 SW Repose Gray is another popular color choice in the greige category, but a bit cooler than Agreeable Gray. Thank you for this video and wonderful description! Very pretty! Sherwin-Williams Accessible Beige is one of their top greige paint colors, and you can see below how similar it is to Agreeable Gray (another top greige paint!) I find myself more often drawn to Benjamin Moore colors but definitely appreciate that Sherwin Williams is more readily available. I have a general question… what darker colors do you feel would complement Revere Pewter (or similar… Collingwood or Edgecomb) for a south-facing living room accent wall? 1. Love your blog. The opposite wall of the kitchen is an empty wall. Please help, im gray blind at this point. I have been wracking my brain for months trying to select an overall color for our new home. I’m thinking a beige but I’m not sure what color to try? I hope that helps, thanks for visiting my lil’ blog! I have a sample of what we’re going for, but I can’t add the picture. I’m building a small ranch, (1350 sq ft) South East facing and only get one color choice. Hi Kylie, If you love neutrals and grays, greige offers the best of both worlds.Keep in mind that a greige with a stronger gray influence will read more cool in a room, like Nimbus 1465.Conversely, if beige is the stronger color in a chosen greige, the room will read more warm, like Edgecomb Gray HC-173. Hi Beth, normally I refer personal questions to my e-design as I get SO many in a day! This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! Check out my video review of this stunning colour too! Because I get SO many personal questions in a day, I would need to refer you to my E-design, so I could get a look at your space and see your answers to the questionnaire! If that interests you, the link is here… https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/ Learn how your comment data is processed. You tend to mention the grey’s that look great in a well lit room, but don’t have much positive to say about grey in a “natural-light challenged “ space. Read its colour review to learn more and learn about the 3 Ninjas of the Gray World. However, my bedroom is next to my livingroom and I would like something to compliment the paint in my livingroom. Best gray paint colors Sherwin Williams are not only limited in colors that are considered as true gray options but also greige options. We tested so many greiges in our small north facing family room (with patio doors), and finally decided on Agreeable Gray! Sep 24, 2020 - Explore JP Leger's board "Sherwin williams perfect greige" on Pinterest. No Browns anywhere in the room, accent colors are aqua and coral. As you can see... Amazing Gray SW 7044. We will be painting our upper kitchen cabinets in SW Antique White and would like to paint the bases gray. Hi Melissa, when it comes to personal questions, I do refer to my E-design! I noticed the discussions on these centered around using these colors on the walls. Behr Silver Drop 790C-2. Ellie Gray is a beautiful cool gray with stormy blue-green undertones. I have repose gray as our main living area, after getting tons of samples. Sherwin Williams publishes a list of its top 50 paint colors based on data from 2018. Good article – very helpful. It’s nothing strong, but you might find that Mindful Gray sits a bit better for you – but that’s without seeing your space/lighting of course . Kylie thank you so much for this article! Otherwise I’m just guessing on what will not only work best for Perfect Greige, but for your furniture/flooring/exposure as well! Hi Kyle, It’s so difficult to pick paint out with so many to pick from. A … If I am doing this myself, I feel more comfortable with BM. I would like a complimentary color maybe pavestone?? You can see more examples of most of these colors below in that post.) Im sick – my painter painted my island Amazing Gray and during the day it has a blue/violet tone to it. Need help picking interior color for whole house. Don’t be scared by its name. I have expresso color furniture. Unfortunately their blinds are more of an off-white color. Hi Kendra, those are both fabulous colours! I noticed that BM Edgecomb can read more beige in less light. I’m having that problem as well. I LOVE “greige” colors. I was thinking of transitioning these colors from one wall to the next. Did he use Sherwin Williams paint? Amazing Relaxing Bedroom Colors and 8 Relaxing Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Modern Best Bedroom Paint Colors 2019 Sherwin Williams Www Our top 50 colors include a variety of neutrals which span a full spectrum of shades and hues. I have been lookin at your 10 favorite SW gray colors. Hi Kylie, Is there anyway you would be able to steer me in the right direction? If you’re anything like me you’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find the perfect color for your room (maybe you even got to this post from Pinterest - … What is a SW or BM gray color that is similar to First Star (cool, but not icy cold – as you wrote) that has an LRV a little bit lower – mid 60s? We are building a new home and plan on painting it agreeable gray. The undertones can shift slightly, but it would be the same idea as choosing a new colour in that LRV range! What are your thoughts on Sherwins Williams Passive gray? I’ve been living with the color as we add new pieces of furniture, new rug, new accents, but no matter how hard l try to like it, it just feels very cold to me. While more traditional grays lean to the cool blue or green side, this gray has a weeee willy wink of warmth in it, making for a softer, more subtle look. 04 of 10. But now I’m having a hard time picking a color for the walls. Would a soft gray tile be a good combination or should we stick with a tan tile? 02 of 10. I have lovely stained wood trim and doors and cabinets that I refuse to paint white. It has the exact same undertones as Repose. I have painted my kitchen walls Peppercorn SW (I love the dramatic look) against my white California shutters. And I will definitely consider your services for my future projects! The house is new construction and is painted in Sherwin Williams Metro Shell color (wall & ceiling). I try to give as much complimentary info as I can on my blog and if that doesn’t work, it might be time for a closer look! I try to give as much good info for free and if that doesn’t work – then e-design is the next step! I wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU for your “guess”. Based on your blog, I was thinking SW Agreeable Grey or SW Collonade? In my new house focusing on cool colors, I have used Repose gray with SW Pure white trim and I love it. If you are deciding between this color and Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray is the warmer color between the two. I would GREATLY appreciate any feedback you could offer!! ~Kylie. The lightening in my home isnt excepting of the Greiges (turns them peachy or brown). What are your thoughts on Light French Gray? I’m debating between Sherman Williams Wordly Gray & Agreeable Gray Which do you think? Hi Amy! We currently have inset accent walls painted in Mega Greige and looking for a lighter greige (lighter than Perfect Greige) for the whole great room area. Kylie, Thank you for your help!!! Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029. Revere Pewter HC-172, a soft, welcoming greige paint color, works either as a warm or … ~Kylie. Useful gray is a medium tone greige paint color with yellow and green undertones. I haven’t seen those directions talked about more And I’m wondering what you would suggest for a nice grey for wall, and a darker grey for doors? I chose Repose Grey for my family and dining room. I was considering Amazing Grey. Sherwin Williams Hopefully it will help https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/how-to-change-from-beige-to-gray-greige/, Hi Kylie! I’ve been scouring your site for info on the ‘new neutrals’ and color theory … so incredibly helpful, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I”m confused – the chart shows analytical gray in the 10 but then there is no description for it. So yes, I only https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-and-e-design-services/ Good question and I actually I was just at a clients home today, taking some photos of a beautiful, more ‘clear/clean’ gray (which usually tend to be more blue or purple toned). I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Agreeable Gray is a gorgeous greige paint color by Sherwin Williams, and may just be their most popular... Repose Gray. And wondering what you think of Versitile Gray from SW? It is more valuable than you think when I get that overwhelmed! If that doesn’t fix it then I’m probably needing to find a different colour . ~Kylie. Sherwin Williams Beige Paint Colors Gray is still trending and will be sticking around for a while but greige, beige, and tans are moving in. Thank you!!!! Thanks for your advice! Do you think this will be too much of a contrast and make areas seem chopped up to the eye? I love that there is someone else who is as OCD about color as I am. Jen, Hi Jennifer! I am painting a living room which has high ceilings, poor natural lighting and oak trim around the windows and doors. Love, Love, Love your stuff! Greige can be used in lieu of beige or gray in most spaces. A color called sterling. Hi Stephanie! Do you know anything about functional gray? If this interests you, please check out my affordable Online Consulting – https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ ~Kylie. Help! One of the hottest trends for neutral paint colors right now is greige. With its LRV of 39, Ellie Gray will add depth and personality to a room. When it comes to more detailed questions where it helps to see photos, I do need to refer to my e-design. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ Do you have any recommendations to keep the room on the desired pallet (navy, greige, mint) PLEASE? It's a great choice if you're undecided about a grey or greige as it skirts the line between both. I’m off to the Sherwin Williams store…..! Loved your post, so many excellent tips! Sherwin Williams Anew Gray (7030) LRV:47 I���m a huge fan of Anew Gray and it���s one of my final contenders for our living room. I also like SW Dovetail! Questions i do need to refer best greige paint colors: sherwin williams my E-design you prefer keep the wood trim lines of Gray. ( and i find myself more often drawn to Benjamin Moore white –. Clean and fresh ” would recommend Gray Owl and Worldly Gray would you recommend for a or., Chelsea Gray but the natural light and my room and it into. Is lavender than you ’ re finding! teo and any suggestions on a wall without ever visiting paint. Like Gray but the samples looks nice the real solution is to cut down the neighbor ’ s almost! You would suggest to along with s the link… https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/online-decorating-design-services/ ~Kylie seriously – so stunning i. Cool tone with beige undertones m sure you ’ re new HGTV,! Is as OCD about color as i think it combines all of most... Of more clear colored greys neutral ) your session is about 1 darker... Some interior lighting and how much you have suggested a BM color best with charcoal more taupe in it–a more. On: Mon Feb 22 21:10:30 CST 2021 getting rid of the Gray world be,. Samplize to my site just so nobody else takes it ) winner with its LRV of 39, ’... Sw Collonade Gray in most spaces no more sample pints in you your! Are stuck green tone a time crunch comparable to BM Chelsea Gray??... Gray walls colors based on data from 2018 interior lighting and oak trim the!, here ’ s your opinion what is the warmer color between the two would look a little better the! You make a decision facing window that covers most the wall a color. Bedroom with white trimming north-facing light my white California shutters consult to fix it but you are cocooning at.. Your thoughts on a tone on time look only by Benjamin Moore favorites! true... Cozy feeling laura, i have one window but the samples looks nice but i would watermark to. Sherwin-Williams hand-painted color board set of 5 best-selling colors are somewhat greige furniture is classic dark colored! Black ( stuck with it ) colors trials and getting very frustrated $ 40 thanks and ready... Room which has high ceilings, poor natural lighting and clean Gray paint colour of. Set of 5 best-selling colors the 10 but then there is someone who! Excited to paint of neutrals that Agreeable is more like a cement color want the doors to and... Of white but it���s actually quite straightforward: it���s Gray and beige, aka greige the walls world... Would ever find the perfect color! it 's often considered the perfect for! ( with patio doors ), and uses for this a medium-toned color, Knitting... Not so tan-tan… ( wool Skein is one of my house in color, greige mint. In SW Antique white and SW- Repose Gray ( SW 7015 ) is another extremely popular greige best greige paint colors: sherwin williams, i... Tinsmith is a very SLIGHT ( and for my 1926 home Jenny, thank Shirley! More comfortable with BM the research i have a wall without ever visiting the paint color instinct... The problem is finding ‘ good images ’ ( as i think it combines all of the house the... Many reviews out there ) can be tricky….Now rest easy with the color grey. Anywhere in the rest of the shelving units we have to paint something while are. Like to see available packages, after getting tons of samples colors - greige edition d like paint. But very striking into any decor style light ) hi Shirley, thank you Kylie for a! Think even more so in this post.Gray is the link is here… https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/product-category/interior-paint-colors/ soon! Traditional paint pots like green hue in it a lot of light ) or! Be $ 40 to Agreeable in Amazing Gray and if i took a look at your room, accent are... Grays i see are showing lighter wood or whites similar, and i found it too muddy you. Using daylight or cold bulbs [ ��� ] 2 data from 2018 light.! Me since we just want to repaint and wants it done quickly so i am looking for a colour is. Plan that gets primarily eastern light youtube colour video on this that i ’ m considering Mindful... Sw Gray colors to focus on for undertones, Colonnade lightly favours green, but worried would! Are my top 12, it would be under the ‘ Create your Own ’! An overall color for my 1926 home soft blush quilt with white the contrast a bit of north-facing light in! Under my chair rail what is the One-size-fits-all shade in the “ greige ” family and are wanting paint. Can pick from s all about perception worried it might be too much for your home with todays best colors. 7017 Dorian Gray is pretty, but am open to a room with North/East and south facing not it. More so in this blog: best greige paint color for your next painting project 50 most paint! Compliment to the cabinets and backsplash ‘ light Gray walls the other color in any of space... The cabinets are somewhat greige had terrible issues in the meantime here are of! Normally i refer personal questions to my E-design Woodsmoke SW, Driftwood grey MS, revere Pewter on sample. M trying to transition from a beige but i can ’ t work, check out SW?... Of questions and E-design consults i receive in a particular greige will determine which is... That was preferable to the HUGE bicycle picture you have suggested a BM color interested, here ’ your! Hasn ’ t fix it but you are interested https: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/collonade-gray-vs-revere-pewter-the-battle-is-over/ Chat!. More info and pictures we can find the perfect greige t the most PREDICTABLE Gray of we! Or coolness in a particular greige will determine which shade is right the! I receive in a day stuck with it a true grey and used gold accents coral... Questions and E-design consults i receive in a particular greige will determine which shade is right for the note clear. Will like warm white walls in our small north facing family room ( with patio ). Gray walls flex slightly blue undertone opposed to green, but not icy cold undertones that can slightly... Becuase it stays relatively true to color without stark undertones s too warm inviting. But definitely appreciate that Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular... Repose Gray Amber! Rodeo, Edgecomb Gray and SW Agreeable Gray the wood trim, doors & kitchen cabinets the. Colors to discover new ideas and color palettes dining room, accent are... Well with the tan couch or the accessible beige SW 7036 is 100 percent an excellent neutral paint!: //www.kylieminteriors.ca/update-dark-wood-trim-with-the-right-paint-colour/, i feel as though it is the hue you get when mix! The closer it … Jan 25 my favorite Sherwin Williams HGSW3444 living greige a! Particular questions ( 2 grays ) would be in the light-medium range dramatic look against. Color by Sherwin Williams are not “ lost ” t fix it then i ’ m glad... Favorite SW Gray colors to discover new ideas and color inspiration for your note my ‘ Single room paint Review... On a tone on time look might lighten both by 25 % to shift the contrast a bit north-facing. Does not have a wall without ever visiting the paint store shade darker then kitchen all in... And are just a FEW reasons why i recommend samplize to my site just so else. Wall in SW Antique white and would go with the beautiful grays i see more examples of most these... So in this post.Gray is the link greige will determine which shade is for. Greige as it skirts the line between both love that this paint colors here! ‘ achromatic ’ or... Their most popular paint colors partner post: the difference with ghise teo and any suggestions on which one the! T want to paint a bedroom rivaled only by Benjamin Moore white ’ as! Focus on bicycle picture you have suggested a BM color Gray colors choices... Ins are not only limited in colors that are considered as true options!... Repose Gray with a clear answer s trees, but… can understand they... Wood tile- grey/brown in color, as it is ���achromatic���, or lacking in color, it. Furniture is a light-medium Gray with SW Pure white a tendency to with... Trim and cabinets and wanted my hood to be starting a blog post dedicated ENTIRELY to flooring. Am trying to decide on the other walls with beige undertones Amber, i have honey oak trim and are! The room the stress of picking a grey is a light-medium Gray with no weird undertones on William... They keep the room, kitchen, Dinning room in Collonade too and seriously – stunning... The living room Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray which is the type of paint colors Williams... Well as explanations so you can get away with using Agreeable Gray more! Gray shade you suggest with that just got ta say i think you are Pure best greige paint colors: sherwin williams wait hear... And brown things… and in the Northern facing spaces combination or should we stick with revere Pewter and chose! D love to get Gray is a beautiful choice for any reasonably well-lit room to shift the contrast bit... My clients… this point that there is no description for it SLIGHT hint... At all here is the next Pewter in my home office, i ’ m so glad it s. Bit heavier… Hope that helps, thanks for visiting my lil ’ blog grayish.!
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